Scared of Sarah

"A company of three excellent actors brings Brienza's story to life vividly and movingly...Nate Grams is splendidly empathetic and likable as Sam, a young man who is being forced to grow up quickly in unexpected ways."
-Martin Denton | | Aug 13, 2011

"Daucher and Grams have a believable, easy chemistry as a couple; the relationship they create on stage makes it very easy to slip into the world of the play and get lost for a bit."
-Terra Vetter | Theatre Is Easy | Aug 15, 2011

Savage in Limbo

"Grams has a powerful presence on stage — physically, vocally and emotionally. The frustration Tony feels comes through in his explanation of why he wants to leave Linda, but so does the self-serving nature of that decision on a subliminal level. Confusion and assurance play through Grams’ performance like alternating, blinking lights."
-Andrew S. Hughes | South Bend Tribune | Oct 9, 2007 (PDF)

Matt & Ben

"The bantering relationship set up by Grams and Vandewalle here lent the play a fun, deeply felt camaraderie between the two that never let up, despite an erratic and hysterical fight scene, as well as visits from both Gwyneth Paltrow and Salinger himself (portrayed by Grams and Vandewalle, respectively)." -Analise Lipari | Notre Dame Observer | Apr 19, 2006